Posted by : Ruby Escalona Monday, January 19, 2009

This is the first book I've finished for the 2009 Quantity Challenge.

I've started this book in late 2008 [December] and only got to finish it last night.

It's the story of how Morrie Schwartz, an old professor of Mitch [the narrator] faced his impending death when he was diagnosed with ALS. Morrie then "teaches" life lessons to Mitch about love, relationships, money, and how to face impending death.

The book touched me a lot and made me think about what I want in life. There were numerous quotes/lessons that had its impact, one of it was "It's never too late to change."
Ditto on that remark.

It's funny how people change whenever they're in the brink of losing something important. *sigh*

I'd give the book a rating of 4/5. I'd recommend it to those seeking a bit of meaning in their lives, maybe it'll open your eyes out to what you really want to do and how to make your life more worthwhile.

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