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I'm Ruby, an average girl with many interests and created this blog mainly to share my experiences, reviews, and anything under the sun to friends, family, and uh.. the world who may happen to stumble upon this blog. I currently live in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

Ruby in a Phone Booth, London, England
Posing in front of a phone booth. London.

I have a few interests. At the moment that I write this, it's:

1) Travelling - I adore going to new places, and seeing new things for the first time. It is such a humbling experience to be an unknown place, learning as I go along. I think I learn a lot more when I travel than when I read. My favourite place in the world is London, England. I could live there! Second favourite would be Rome, Italy. Although I've never been to Rome, it is definitely in one of my to-go places.

I work a 9-5 job, but I try to travel every month as much as I can. How? By making the most of holidays, weekends, and time off at work. I am lucky enough to get 23 days of paid vacation, which combined with holidays and with weekends can definitely stretch out to a few more days.

To date, I've been to a few countries, in order of the places I've been:

  1. Hong Kong (1994, 2009, 2010)
  2. Singapore (2000, 2012 - when I watched the Singapore Grand Prix)
  3. United Kingdom (2008, 2011)
  4. Malaysia (2009)
  5. Macau (2010)
  6. South Korea (2012)
  7. China (2012)
  8. Vietnam (2012)
  9. Brunei (2012)
  10. Cambodia (2013)
  11. Thailand (2013)
  12. United States of America (2013)
  13. Brazil (2014)
  14. Puerto Rico (2014) - technically not a country but it counts
  15. Mexico (2015)
  16. Germany (2015)
  17. Austria (2015)
  18. Slovakia (2015)
  19. Turks & Caicos (2015)
  20. Philippines (most of my life)

I've made incredible memories in each and every country that I've visited. I was currently considering long-term travel but so far I'm enjoying the perks of having a constant stream of income while traveling.I am a travel hacker and have been to a lot of places using miles & points (see 2015 & 2016)

My current travel buddy is my boyfriend (turned fiance). He almost always comes with me wherever I go.

We make it a point to travel every weekend to new places or try new things, (like skydiving, or ziplining over gators) or to attend classes to learn more about our passions (frugality, shopping, reading, and more travel).

2) Books - most of my blogs relate to books and my reviews about them. When I used to live in the third world, it often is harder to come up with money that I can use abroad (which I now found a way to go around and I find that I travel so much more than when I first wrote this About Me page - hence I don't read as fast as I did).  I get my books from either the Jacksonville Public library, bookish-related events here in the US,

Now that I've switched to travel as a passion, my favourite reads include Lonely Planet guide books, travel memoirs (Bill Bryson I'm looking at you), other travel blogs, lifestyle design, historical fiction, biographies, marketing, or young adult fiction. Then again, I always want to read fiction books - anything I could get my hands on that's cheap (and normally used), but I prefer free (ie borrowed from the library)

3)  Lotions and Potions and Beauty - When I say Lotions & Potions, I mean Potions in a way that encompasses fragrances, sprays, body wash, bubble bath, or even candles! Anything that pretty much smells good! My favourite stores? Bath & Body Works & Victoria's Secret. God knows the sales associate in BBW at St John's Town Centre already know me and my boyfriend from going in and out of the store so much. She knows that I'm always on the lookout for the new arrivals! ha ha!

4) Toys, toys, toys - I'm a big girl at heart. I love collecting stuffed animals! What can I say?

Meet & Greet with Boys Like Girls. Jan 27th 2010. SMX
5) Magazines - I LOVE travel magazines but I'm also subscribed to beauty & fashion magazines too. Current subscription list: Afar, Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour,

6) Music - I adore boy bands and boybands. No question about that. I would spend a lot of money on concerts IF I absolutely adore a certain band. I do post my reviews and photos on Facebook and the other site. Normally if I get free tickets to some other bands, then yes, I'm willing to see that band/artist, just for the sake of experiencing them.

Anything else you need to know? You can contact me by email at: rubs.escalona@gmail.com

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