Posted by : Ruby Escalona Monday, February 2, 2009


  • My trip to Batanes has been cancelled. : Zest Air does not fly to that destination anymore so I've asked for a full refund of the ticket. Downside? The refund will arrive in 15-30 days! What a long time to wait! :S
  • My prom dresses has been borrowed. Wonder if I'll ever see them again?
  • My weekend movie/telly show marathon did not go as expected. Only got to watch "My Best Friend's Girl" but it was not really worth watching. I was bored nearly the whole time. :



  • Went to Book Sale in Festival Mall last Saturday after mass. OMG they've got lots of titles that I was interested in: David Sedaris, Ann Brashares, Arthur Golden. They're a bit pricier than the other titles available but for a very good condition trade paperback, I think it's worth it. I went home with a copy of Sophie Kinsella's "The Undomestic Goddess"
  • It was sale in Festival Mall also so I got a mass-market paperback copy of a book about Rembrandt for only P50.
  • Got to watch an episode of Medical Investigation. Didn't finish the entire series though.
  • Got invited to one of the most awesome weddings around. It was held at Fernwood Gardens last Feb 1st. The venue was absolutely exquisite, the food was also divine. Kyla performed a few songs too. =) Loved the waterfalls, fountains, and the exotic animals [parrots, swans, koi fish].

-- till the next time :) Hopefully I'll get to post some more stuff when I get my DSL connection at home.

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