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Book # 2 of the Twilight Saga. Bella is a human, while her boyfriend is a vampire.
In the first book, their relationship survived without Bella getting killed, but during her birthday party, Edward's brother, Jasper, tries to attack Bella when she gets a paper cut [she is such a klutz]. Edward was mortified, and decided that in order to protect Bella and not hurt her, his family decides to leave Forks, Washington, to move someplace else, leaving Bella and their relationship behind.

While Edward was gone, Bella finds herself attached to Jacob, a Quilleute boy who was living in the reservation. At first, Jacob was just a normal boy, until he transforms into a werewolf. Isn't Bella such a magnet for paranormal creatures?

She was getting to grips with choosing Jacob over Edward, until one day, Alice Cullen finds herself back in Forks, asking for Bella's help to get Edward back from Italy.

So who would Bella choose? Jacob or Edward? [As if it isn't obvious already]

Thoughts: [may contain spoilers]
- This book is so much better than Twilight. I loved that Jacob's character was well-defined and has a backstory on how he became a werewolf. I also loved the way Bella and Jacob's friendship was defined, and how he helped Bella move on to a life without Edward [and her stopping to be so whiny and pathetic about not being with Edward]. Jacob and Bella's little "romance" was soooo cute, it made me smile just imagining how they would look like on the big screen this November [not to mention Taylor Lautner is definitely hot].

My most favourite part of the book was about the Volturi -- a clan of ancient vampires living in Italy. They are said to be the "royal family" of campires. They are an interesting group of people, how their very strong and not to mention, unique powers made them the feared vampires as they were and how they punish the other vamps who go astray and not follow the basic vampire rules.

One thing that I didn't like was Bella "casting" Jacob off when Edward came back to Forks. Seems like Jacob was just the rebound guy. Oh, poor Jacob! [And yes, I am team Jacob, can't you see?]

I would definitely read the next book in the series, Eclipse, once I've got the time. I also cannot wait to see New Moon in the big screen in November! I'd love to see Jacob in the book screen and see how the movie compares with the book.

Overall, I'd give this book a 4/5 rating.

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