Posted by : Ruby Escalona Monday, October 5, 2009

So I found out about the 24 hour readathon sometime early this year, but due to my excessively hectic schedule early this year, I decided to forego it. Lo and behold, they are having another readathon this October 24th!

It starts at 8pm here in Manila, and will end on October 25th, 8pm as well.

Now, I'm not much of a reader. In all honesty I prefer to watch telly shows, movies, and chatting, but then again when I look at the vast collection of unread books at home I realized that now's the time to actually participate and dwindle down some of the unread books I have.

I signed up for both a reader and a cheerleader. I read fairly slow so being a cheerleader will give me a much needed break to just surf and discover new blogs and hopefully new books to read as well.

Do I have a shortlist of books to read during this readathon? Well, I've got a few books that I've read a few pages of that would give me a chance to finish, hopefully.

Of course I wouldn't commit to the whole 24 hours. I need my 9 hours of sleep [its a weekend and I need to get much needed rest for a very busy weekday ahead], 2 hours for Church, 1 hour for lunch and dinner, and 1 hour for doing personal stuff.

So I could only commit 11 hours to the readathon but never mind, it's the thought that counts.

Do wish me luck!

To sign up for the readathon, go to:

I encourage you guys to sign up as readers or maybe even as cheerleaders as well. As the post states, you don't really have to commit the whole 24 hours to the event =)

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  1. Esme says:

    What do cheerleaders do-cheer on the readers?

  2. @esme -- yup, they basically cheer on the readers. you just drop by their blog, see how they're progressing and leave some encouraging words behind :D

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