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One of the classic books from Jane Austen. The last time I actually read this book was in high school, for a book report from school.

And so I took out my old book from the shelf at the basement, and decided to re-read it for the October book discussion of my book club [well, the book discussion was postponed until November until further notice]

The basic plot of the book is simple: boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl rejects boy because she thinks him to be a pompous man, girl then thinks that rejecting boy was stupid, boy does everything to make it right for girl, girl realizes she loves boy, boy and girl meet again, confess their true feelings and live happily ever after.

Such is the story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth is the second of five children, all girls, whom their mother has no real dreams but to have all five of them entered in suitable marriages with husbands that are rich, or have enough money on them. Mr. Darcy is born in high society, Elizabeth was just a simple girl who believes in falling in love before getting married. See the prejudice in the two different circles where Elizabeth and Darcy belong to.

It is such a quintessential fairy tale but is one of the most romantic love stories of all time. It's book has been in circulation for nearly two centuries already, could you believe it? In my book it says that its first printing was in 1813! My gosh. And it still continues to delight readers until today.

But honestly, it was one of the most boring books I've ever read. Ugh. Maybe it has got something to do with the "Old" English writing. The author tends to overexplain everything and was written in such a minute detail that it was enough to bore me to sleep not just once, twice, but many times as well. Oftentimes, I find myself being sleepy or drowsy just after reading 5 pages of it. It was such a painful book to read. *sigh*

But nevertheless the book has its ups as well, there were moments that were so sweet you couldn't help but ooooh and aaaahhh and imagine what is happening between Mr Darcy and Elizabeth at the time. I especially loved the scene at Pemberley! *sigh* Those are page-turners on my book!

This book has been translated in the book screen a few times already, but the only one I've seen was one where Elizabeth was played by Keira Knightley. If you found the book too painful to read as well, might as well watch the movie as it stayed true to the book and at least there, the visuals could help you imagine what's it like back in 1800s England, where there were no mobile phones, no airplanes, and each "love" would almost necessarily lead in a proposal.

Some of the characters are very, very irritating. I especially hated the character of Mrs. Darcy and Lydia. Ugh. Could anyone be more whorish? I couldn't believe that their mother would also go so far as to yak her way in influencing her children and who they should marry. Ugh. Such pretenses.

And yes, Mr. Darcy is the quintessential guy that every girl would like to be with forevermore. No wonder there are so many spinoff books that are coming out with Mr. Darcy's character in it [oh, which reminds me, the next book I have to read [aside from the review ones] should be a spinoff book]. My next read would be Me & Mr Darcy by Alexandra Potter. Watch out for my review here once I've finished the book. I looooove Colin Firth's portrayal of Mr. Darcy in Bridget Jones' Diary! [I have to read that book as well].

Overall, I'll rate this book 3/5.
I would have rated it a 4/5 but the "Old" English really irked me off! There are some words I just don't understand [then again maybe my vocabulary isn't that vast?]

Read this book if:
1. You're curious about 1800s England and would want to know how people amuse themselves back then and how people courted each other then.
2. You're a masochist who wants to read novels in "Old" English [like me!]
3. You want to relive your grade school or high school days where you were forced to read classical novels in your English class and have to review them or answer guide questions to pass.
4. You're in for a good love story and want to dream of your own Mr. Darcy or Elizabeth Bennet
5. You have to read it for a book club
6. You're interested in where the spinoff books or movies got their inspiration from.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yes, the language is a turnoff for many. but i just loved imagining what Darcy was thinking or feeling during very on-the-surface sedate scenes between him and elizabeth. the romance is in the side glances, the tension, the yearning.... lol. lovely review; i enjoyed reading it!

  2. Ruby says:

    hmmmmm.... mr darcy :D

    i can't wait to start reading the offshoot book now! Dang, now i want to delve in the other books that "hypothesize" what happened next to darcy & elizabeth.

    I can't wait to read this [Mr Darcy, Vampyre] when it gets out :P

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