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Lexi Smart was just an ordinary girl. She's 25, not that pretty, lives in a small flat, and has a loser boyfriend. Until one day, she wakes up, she's 28. She's had an accident and realizes her life is everything she's ever dreamed of: her handbag is Louis Vuitton, has a gorgeous, [not to mention, rich] husband, and is the boss in her department.

Just a catch though. She can't remember what had happened in the last three years of her life: how she met her husband, how she reached the top ranks of her firm. Nothing!

Until a scruffy architect shows up, and turns her world upside down!

Guess that's all the summary I could give without giving away too much spoilers :)


I initially borrowed this book from a colleague of mine from work. I am a huge Kinsella fan [ie Shopaholic series] and I am determined to read all of Kinsella's works because they are sooo hilarious and fun! Plus, a good dose of chick lit can definitely make your day! But honestly, this book didn't really make me laugh out loud [unlike Shopaholic] nor make me think "awwww....." as I was reading through the book. Jon definitely was an "awwww...." moment but that's it, nothing else.

I loved Eric's character -- he seems like THE perfect guy -- rich, with utterly gorgeous looks, successful. Turns out he has a bit of a square personality so moving on....

Apparently smell triggers a person's memory best! I totally agree with this.

Read this book if:
- You're in a good mood for some light, chick lit reads
- You love Sophie Kinsella and would just devour anything by her
- If you are in a mood to dream and wish what it's like to be one of the ultra fab people
- You're in a mood for a love triangle romance :D

I rate this book 4/5 -- definitely worth the time in reading it!

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