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This third book has been my favourite in all the Harry Potter books so far! Although the movie version of this was the least of my favourites in the franchise!

Anyway, in this book, a dangerous murderer has escaped from the prison of Azkaban, Sirius Black. It was known amongst the wizards that he might be after Harry, and was a servant of Lord Voldemort. Harry, Ron and Hermione are then thrust in a new adventure where they'll be faced with time turners, new magical creatures, dementors, harder magical spells, all in their third year of Hogwarts!

I love that in this book, there is no appearance whatsoever of Voldemort! That means no intense fight scenes or whatnot between Harry and Voldemort but then again, I loooove the new characters and the depth they bring to Harry's past. I also love how everything intertwines and interconnects with each other. It's hard to post my exact thoughts/feelings without spoilers but one of them would be how to use a time turner -- excellent, excellent stuff!

My favourite character in this is Beaky, the Hippogriff! He's like a little dog of Hagrid [and we all know that Hagrid loves them weird and magical creatures] Fine. I think you're saying that Beaky is not that much of a character but my second favourite would be Sirius Black! Imagine all that we went through just to see Harry again. Awwww..... and it's amazing how he...... [SPOILER] could turn into a huge dog [END spoiler]

Looooove the part of the Patronus Spell as well to ward off the dementors!

And Malfoy was being a pest as per usual to Harry.

This is a very entertaining read, so I must wrap up this post before I give out any more spoilers.

5/5 rating for me!

Copy: Trade Paperback, bought by me from National Bookstore.
Date Published: 2001
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks

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  1. I am reading these books (again) now and love getting back into the adventures and mysteries of J K Rowlings world - it is fun to see current reviews on these books!

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