Posted by : Ruby Escalona Saturday, April 10, 2010

So I'm taking part in the Hour two mini-challenge hosted by Miss Remmers Review called the Kick Off of Champions. 
The challenge asks the readers what have they surrounded themselves in this early hours of the readathon? 

I don't want to type much detail on what I'm doing now so I'm going to let the pictures do all the talking whilst I do a bit of a short description on every photo. I'm running a bit behind and I can't believe Hour three is up!
So, first photo, this is my internet explorer screenshot. As you can see, I've got multitudes of windows up -- I'm cheering as well so some of the other windows in there are blogs of those that i'm cheering on. If you notice on the bottom there's a message "Low Disk Space". I don't normally go online much but when I do, I download some stuff online. This long amounts of online time means my hard drive is trying to cope up with all my downloads! 

Second photo -- these are the books that I'm currently reading. They're sprawled right on my mum's bed right now, but they'll be moving house to my room soon. 

Right now I'm seated in front of the PC in my mum's room but pretty soon I'll be moving to my room where I'll be reading propped up in bed! 

That's about it now :) Off to do some more reading and cheering and I'll be checking in the new mini-challenges for hour three now!

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