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The Girl Made of Cool is a series of three novels all packed in one.
Warning: the post below may contain spoilers so I suggest you do not proceed if you don't like spoilers. Frankly it's really hard to write an overview with this book. *sigh* And let's just say the review below would not entirely be positive.

The first story, "The Girl Made of Cool" could be summed up in a few sentences: Girl meets boy. Boy likes girl. Boy has a friend who also likes girl [let's call the other guy, Boy2]. Boy2 likes Girl. They go out. Boy2 cheats. Girl breaks up with Boy2. Girl realizes she's in love with Boy1. They end up together. The end.

The second story, "Hell has blue skies" revolves around a guy in an office, who falls in love with a girl from the office. He also deals with office politics.

The last story, "The Lovely lady in the Love Museum" is a story of an anthropologist trying to save the museum he loves by tricking some rich dude [who seems to me is modelled after Donald Trump] and well, he falls in love in the end.

Thoughts: I didn't like the book. Seriously. The book has no real plot. When I was reading the blurb, sure, it had promise. I thought it was a love story intended to make me smile and happy. You know, like a chick lit story. But it was not to my expectations. I was severely disappointed.

The novel is full of redundancies. Like, I do not need to read the word "one-up" four times in a sentence. It gets annoying. I am not that stupid to get what you're trying to say, you know? And well, some of the scenarios are out of this world, unbelievable to an extent. I can't expect the lowest ranking member in an office to suddenly have a meeting with the CEO of the company. The CEO would not waste his/her time on us minions. The love story factor I was so expecting was almost non-existent [except maybe for the Girl Made of Cool], and the love story did not provide that tingling feeling I normally get whenever I read or watch something sooo cute and sweet, it brings me to my knees. And well, get jealous because someone special never does that for me. Oh well.

Moving on to the good points. The presentation of the story is different. It is presented in a play [well, The Girl Made of Cool is], which is something new and refreshing. The novel is also portrayed in the point of view of the guy - and there's not much novels that are written and presented from a guy's point of view, I'll give him that. Would I see this story in broadway or in a movie? Maybe. Maybe not. Would I watch the movie or play if given a chance? Definitely not.

Moving on to the cover. As my boss at work would say when she saw it: "What is that thing you're reading? A textbook?" After I replied that it was a novel, she exclaimed: "That's a novel? The cover is horrible." And I would have to agree that the cover is indeed horrible. If I did not know this book and was just browsing through Amazon or a local bookstore, I definitely won't pick this up. Yes, yes, "Don't judge a book by its cover" but one of the factors why publishers spend all the time and money designing covers is to entice readers in. Some books I bought because the covers are awesome.

So, moving on to the wrap-up/summary:
Published: 2009

Publisher: StoryFocus
Available from: Amazon. Not sure if the local bookstores have this.
Read it if: I wouldn't really recommend reading this, but to each their own!
Book was acquired from: the author
fickle fan/overall rating:

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