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So tv time with Ruby revolves around this telly series for the moment plus a glimpse of Gossip Girl. Please bear with me as I include both a summary of the episode and what I thought about it. If you haven't seen this episode yet and don't like spoilers then please be wary of the below! Though I don't any of you haven't seen what I've seen already. There's much more telly addicts out there than myself.

Gossip Girl Season 2 Finale.
Those of you who are updated with telly series must think that I am a loser! Lol. Yes, I've only just finished the second season, and yes, I am aware that the third season has finished a month ago. But who could ever find the time to watch all they want and do so much more? Well, I actually watched the finale through my iPod -- i try to squeeze in a bit of entertainment time whenever possible!

In this episode, Blair said I love you to Chuck again, which was not reciprocated again. Serena is waging a war on Gossip Girl, only to find that she was in vain and Gossip Girl dished out all the secrets of the posse. Blair also chooses the next queen of Constance -- Jenny! Hmm.. not surprising. Rufus proposes to Lily, and well, the gang are all preparing to go to college although Vanessa & Nate plan to go on a backpacking tour before the semester starts.

What I loved about this ep was how the gang all banded together. They're still strong, I only hope that they remain as strong as this for season 3 but whatevs. I'll get to watch what happens to them sooner or later when I've got the extra time to spare. What I loved? Well, the Chuck and Blair moments of course! And Blair's headbands. They are to die for! =P

And so I got a copy of Flash Forward from my old boss after asking him if it was any good. I saw previews of this in the Fox Channel when I still had it and it got me hooked. Too bad it got cancelled though :( It stars the dude from Shakespeare in Love and the other dude from Harold & Kumar.

Flash Forward - Pilot.
The start of this very addictive series. In this episode, at exactly 11AM, October 2009, everyone blacked out for exactly 2 minutes and 17 seconds, and nearly everyone had a vision of what they were going to be doing 6 months from the date, on April 29th, 2010, 10pm EST. Now, knowing the future could be very, very scary. For me, I honestly don't know if i'd appreciate knowing my future or not, especially if the future is a bad one. Anyway, like everything else that we have in the present, the flash forwards that the people got were interconnected. As the FBI is starting to investigate what could have caused the phenomenon, they noticed something different -- during the time that everyone was supposedly blacked out, one person was awake! Creepy stuff! Is that person a mutant, an alien, or one who knows it all?

Absolutely brilliant Pilot. Sci-Fi at its best yet believable enough for you to think of the chances of that thing happening!!

Flash Forward - Episode 2.

And so, while I wait for my file transfer to be completed, I decided to go on through to the next installment in the series!
In this ep, most of the people are trying to cope with what they know from the future and Steve from Coupling is here! *squee*
Note: For those of you who haven't watched the telly show Coupling, DO! It's like, the British equivalent of Friends... with a mix of Sex & The City of sorts that was aired back in the early 2000s [or late 90s? i'm not sure!] Anyway, some of the people in the ep dealt with the future as a positive or a negative thing, which is realistic. But.... 30 minutes on to this ep and it gets kinda boring.... Mark [the main FBI character] is chasing after the clues he has that led to his flash forward. Oooh! Now things are picking up -- quote of the ep: "he who forsees calamity suffers them twice over" Okay - just finished the ep and it feels like I'm watching Lost season 1 all over again. So many questions that need answers! Gah!

Flash Forward - Episode 3.

A lead comes up from an ex-Nazi german which tries to explain why the Flash Forward was 137 seconds long [exactly 2 minutes 17 seconds]. The German asks for a get out of jail free card in return. Meanwhile, people have begun living for what would happen in the future, not what could happen in the future. huh. Anyhow, another mystery! The flash forward in the past already - in 1991, somewhere in Africa. Another great mystery was there was a boy who was awake when everyone was passed out! Hmm........

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