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It was just the beginning of summer and Percy, Annabeth and Thalia were out to help Grover, as he was trying to protect two new half-bloods, Bianca and Nico. As they go through their adventure, a manticor suddenly attacks, and Annabeth falls off a cliff. What comes next is a quest to save Artemis and Annabeth, and find out what is brewing in the Titan's camp, as the prophecy about the hero who may bring down the gods looms nearer.

I am loving this book!! It's quite different from the Sea of Monsters, where I know the basic plot of the story so its a breath of fresh air for me. Here, I meet the warriors of Artemis, and the gods that had no direct interaction with Percy on the previous books: Artemis, Apollo, Athena, Aphrodite, and Hephaestus. I'm loving the new characters too: the Ophiotaurus, and the Pegasus Blackjack, Porpie and Guido!

Although I'm not used to not having Annabeth around in the story, it is quite amusing to read about Percy trying to battle his feelings about her. Awww... it looks like he's growing up and likes Annabeth as more than a friend. It's amazing also how these new characters got injected in the book, which a part of my mind was saying "are they part of the Heroes of Olympus spinoff book?" Although there were certain elements in the story that I guessed easily [Atlas, for example], it is a fun and entertaining read as well. There may be some new characters and scenarios that are a bit hard to follow at times, but I guess they would all form a part of the final two books that would ultimately conclude in Percy's choice when faced with the prophecy. Oooooh.

I can't provide much thought on this book without giving too many spoilers, so I'd better wrap this up now.

Published: 2007
Publisher: Disney/Hyperion
Book was: Borrowed from a friend
Read it if: You want to continue the tale of Percy. This is the middle book, by the way
Rating: I liked it! [4/5]

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