Posted by : Ruby Escalona Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's 2011! And I guess it's time for me to write some goals I want to accomplish reading and book-wise

1. Update my Goodreads and Shelfari accounts often.

I've realized during the early part of 2010 that I was a lazy lout and not updating my bookish-related social networking sites. I now look at my online bookshelves in both sites and realize that the number of books I've read for 2010 wasn't really updated :(

This 2011 will change all that though! I plan to be more active in updating my bookshelves and joining the online discussions too

2. Blog more often.

Looking back at the early part of 2010, I got lazy in writing reviews. Bah. I realize I should write reviews as soon as I finish the book [or maybe nearly finished with the book, like 20 pages or less to go] so my thoughts and opinions are still in my head and not floating off elsewhere. Note to self: if i keep on writing stuff in notebooks, only I could get to read it, and not be able to share my discovery with others :(

3. Use specific tagging for easier searching

I realized that my bookshelf tag in Goodreads and labels here in the blog is not specific. So, to make things easier for myself [and maybe for my readers, if I have them heehee] I'll do the specific tags!

4. Buy books that are only P150 or below[3.50 USD or 2.50 GBP equivalent]

I need to cut back on my TBR list and save the money for my travels and the essentials. So, I'll resort to borrowing books from my dear old bookish friends Haydee and Rosie and Yammie, and buying books from second hand bookstores [Yay Book Sale] or just buying discounted books =) Less space required too. Oh. And I'll also resort to BookMooch.

5. Attend more bookish events

Book discussions, group meet ups, book launches and the like. =)

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