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On their hunt for the next clue, the Cahill kids find themselves in Egypt, the land of ancient pyramids! They would encounter a new ally, and would eventually add some romantic factor to their au pair. The Cahill children learn that Grace left something for them, a message from beyond the grave, that would eventually help them in finding the next clue to their puzzle.

Thoughts: Can I book a trip to Egypt within the next few months? Seriously? As I was reading the book, it made me envious at all the historical sites that Dan and Amy went to in order to find the next clue! They were so well described, it makes me feel as if I'm there as well, although, in reality, I'm not.

I love how Jude Watson has magically brought Grace back to life with the hints that she has provided to the children, and how everything all came into place, much like pieces of a puzzle. The transition from the third book to this waas so smooth, it was harder to think that there were two different authors that wrote the story.

There wasn't much deception and betrayal in this book as compared to the others though, and it seems as if the softer side of Alistair and Irina came out with this book. Oooh. Now that's a first. The photos accompanying the mini-clues were abundant. Yay. They provide a bit of mystique to the story too, as if I'm part of the chase.

Overall, the book provides much historic data, quite consistent to the story, and serves as an excellent backdrop to the hunt!

Published: 2009
Available From: everywhere!
Publisher: Scholastic
Book was: Borrowed from a friend
Rating: Very Good! [4/5]

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