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Summary from Goodreads:

A hint from their parents’ past puts Amy and Dan on the trail of secrets their grandmother Grace would NEVER have wanted them to know. Awful memories begin to crowd in on Amy, just as her enemies circle closer. How far would she go to protect Dan? How much of a Cahill is she prepared to be? Perhaps Grace was right – some secrets are better left buried.
 Thoughts -- Okay, some parts utterly confounded me.  How could a grown adult be that mean to children? Anyway, moving on. With this adventure, Dan and Amy follow a lead their parents had previously taken, and all the while, Amy has to grasp with the fact about her parents being murdered, dealing with flashbacks every now and again.

The Cahill kids definitely don't know who to trust, what with several information being fed to them on a lot of fronts: Isabel Kabra, Irina, and finally, they get to know stuff about Nellie that she never told them.

There are a lot of loose ends in this book, and several characters showed up that I was definitely not expecting. Sure, it provided a lot of personal insights on Dan and Amy's past, but come on, this feels like it's a series of unfortunate events: two kids against the world and all sorts of bad things happen to them, oh wait, they get saved in the end by someone who turns out to be an ally!

Then again, maybe I was expecting too much of a children's book. Or maybe I was just not in the mood to read something of this kind when everything seems chaotic around me. Oh well.

Kind of scary as well that I was reading the next installation of the book [the 7th one] where there was *spoiler alert* a massive tsunami that had killed lots of people from Indonesia and a few days later, there was this massive earthquake and tsunami that had hit Japan. Ooooh. Scary. Made me think twice about completing the 7th book. Ha. Ha.

So overall, not that impressed with book 6, but hey, I need to read book 6 to get through to book 7, don't I?

Published: 2010
Available From: everywhere!
Publisher: Scholastic
Book was: Borrowed from a friend.
Rating: Ho-Hum. [3/5]

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  1. Reymos says:

    Honestly, Im not a fan of book series but for younger generation it seems popular esp like the Twilight and Harry Potter stories. Maybe for films/movies, I can be a follower like Saw, Friday the 13th, Hostel, etc.

    Ruby, thanks for joining my giveaway offer. Since you are the first Pinoy to participate, then Im happy to give you a special gift! It is a surprise gift from me when I go back home in May.

    Maraming salamat!

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