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In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren and inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie. It features bought, borrowed, or received books as well as other cool stuff from the mail.

This week's In My Mailbox is a special one - dedicated to all the books/stuff I got from author, Michelle Moran!! For those of you who don't know, Michelle Moran is one of my favourite authors. She writes historical fiction and has written four books to date: Nefertiti, The Heretic Queen, Cleopatra's Daughter and her latest, Madame Tussaud.

I read and reviewed Michelle's third novel, Cleopatra's Daughter way back in January 2010 and was more than excited when she sent me an email, asking if I was interested in reading her latest offering, Madame Tussaud - HELL YES!

After a few weeks, I got this letter in the post [picture on the left]. It was handwritten by Michelle and written on a stationery with I presume, Marie Antoinette on the side. Interesting! What's really cool was that the stamp on the envelope it was in was very, very unique! It was designed after the final cover of Madame Tussaud! OMG!!!

So, I was still waiting for the book to arrive in the mail, but before that, Michelle was offering signed bookplates up on her website. I jumped at the chance and signed up for three. It came with a bonus bookplate too! So I got four, one for every book that she has written :) Of course, I stuck one on my copy of Cleopatra's Daughter, and stuck another one [the one with Nefertiti] on my copy of Nefertiti.

But wait, there's more! The same week after I got the bookplates, my copy of Madame Tussaud arrived! I thought it was lost forever in the mail, turns out it was just misdirected to another town's post office.

If you live in the Philippines, you'll know that whenever you receive small parcels via post, you'll have to collect them from your city's pot office and pay a customs fee. I live in a place called Muntinlupa, and the closest post office we have in our city is in Alabang. However, the book was mailed to the Las Pinas post office - around 40 minutes away from my place!

Nevertheless, I asked someone from the house to make the semi-long commute to get the book for me and tadaaaah! It's now on my hands!! I can't believe it! I got an ARC!

But wait, there's more!!  I was browsing on the internet, looking for some used books that I'm looking for, and one of the sites I frequent, Julie's Sari-Sari Store, had Nefertiti up for sale!!

I immediately reserved it [along with a few others on my wishlist], and got the book a day later! What a wonderful surprise!! Now I have 3 books by Michelle and I just need The Heretic Queen to complete my collection. I won't give up trying to find it though! I know it's out there somewhere, and if I can't find it in Manila, there's always the Book Depository!

I'm a happy, happy girl! I can't wait to start reading Madame Tussaud and Nefertiti! Watch out for my reviews soon! And if all goes well, Madame Tussaud and Nefertiti will go with me on my trip of a lifetime. If all goes well :)

All three books pictured below!

So, what did you guys get in your mailboxes? Care to share? :)

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  1. Chachic says:

    Congrats on getting copies of your favorite books and some swag from the author! I'm interested in reading Michelle Moran's books because I've heard good things about them. :)

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