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More of a notebook than an actual book [well duh, Ruby, the title suggests it otherwise], this "book" contains bits and pieces of information about the branches of the Cahill family, status of the agents, and other bits and information that you could infer/gather from reading all 11 books of the 39 clues.

I think this is more for the die-hards, as it is a terribly expensive notebook, if you'll ask me. Sure there's monograms of the various Cahill branches on the pages, but that sure isn't enough to convince me to get this book though!

I think it's targeted more for the younger audience - there's a number of codes at the back of the book where you could try and break the codes [a few hours of fun, if you ask me - perfect to bring on trips to keep the little ones busy], and also a summary of the first 9 books of the 39 Clues.

Would I say that this book/notebook is worth it? Erm... No. Not unless you're a really big fan of the series. If I didn't get a chance to borrow this from a friend I would never take a second look at this again, to be honest.

Published: 2008
Available From: everywhere!
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Book was: bought from a used bookstore
Rating: Great YA novel! It's different from some of the other ones i've read [4/5]

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  1. Organic says:

    I read the book and it was quite fun trying a few of them.

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