Posted by : Ruby Escalona Sunday, December 11, 2011

Itchy Feet. 

Let me confess something: I have itchy feet right now. Its Dec 10, Saturday, as I type this, and for lack of better things to do: I've woken up super early and there's nothing on the telly, I don't feel like watching anything - be it a movie or a telly show, and I don't want to read, I decided to write. 

Its been two months since the 3 1/2 month European adventure, 2 weeks since I came back from Cagayan de Oro City, and I'm stuck at home. Last week it was bearable, this week it isn't. :( Then as I was reading other travel blogs out there, it turns out that I'm suffering from Post-Travel Depression. (PTD). As the Sole Sisters suggested, if you're feeling down and out, wondering where else to go and what to do next, its best to share your experiences on a blog to reminisce and share to the world what you saw. They have a point. My friends have bee asking where I've been, where I'm going, and they do enjoy reading blogs to so here's something new for them to read about as well. This time, it's someone they know that's sharing the story, and not just something they have googled or surfed the net over. 

So yes, it happens  travel depression. The utter feeling of being stuck in a routine, wondering where my life is heading and is this what my life is supposed to be? As compared to the feeling of being free, going wherever your feet (and finances) take you, not a care in the world and just jumping out of the workplace and not confirming to what everyone is doing (work, make money, go home, sleep, go to work again)

I'm watching Samantha Brown's Passport to Europe and she's currently in Stockholm, Sweden. Oh, what I would give to just jump on a plane and go there. 

Let me tell you a little story: in 2008, I was 23, a year in my job, and was sent to London. I know I've blogged about this before, but I just want to reiterate this experience out. I've met people who I've worked with and are older by a few years who have managed to take a year off and travelled around. WOW. I want to be like that too. 

Two of my friends have just left their jobs a month ago and are currently travelling around South America right now. I'm jealous whenever I see their Facebook updates and their photos! Maybe I'll do that someday: quit my job, take a year (or maybe a few months off) off and explore Europe. Why Europe? Because if my time is limited and I have to pick specific places in Earth to go to, I would just choose my favourite continent! 

So, there. Even if I live in a third world country, I can do it. I'll just need to save, save, save and well, have the courage to travel alone (I'm not sure any of my friends would want to go with me given the tough expense of it all). 

But in the meanwhile, while I eventually make up my mind to do the ultimate dream, I'm looking forward to my future trips. I've already booked a 9-day trip to Korea so here's hoping I get a visa :) I'm thinking of going to Anawangin and to Tagaytay (again) in January, and going somewhere else from March onwards! 

The thing is: If you're feeling travel depression and your travel fund is depleted, give yoursef little perks here and there: buy a plane ticket on sale, go on an overland adventure somewhere (there's loads of other places in the Philippines that I have yet to see, within Luzon too) and that may curb up some of your sadness. Eventually when you get the money, you can now go on the trip you wanted :)

So, onto my next post & travel plan!! 

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