Posted by : Ruby Escalona Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's the end of the Holy Week as I type this. Four straight days of not going to work, and I was stuck at home, a staycation, if you would like to call it like that. What did I do? I read, I went online, and I watched a whole load of telly. Ugh. Not my ideal way to spend four days of free time. I should have just booked a ticket abroad and used the time to discover new places.

I thought I would love the time off, I could have used it to catch up on tv shows that I would have wanted to watch but neveer had time for, or to catch up on my reading. God knows how many books I've bought and haven't even started to read yet which are currently awaiting to be read. Well, I did manage to catch up on a few episodes of programmes I did want to watch though, and I did manage to finish two books and progress a bit on other books I've started to read but this holiday wasn't satisfying enough for me. I've lost the reading mojo.

For me, I am most happy reading when I am just passing the time: either in transit (sitting on a bus, a plane, or a jeepney) or just waiting for the morning after an insomniac night or just trying to pass the time while waiting for the next activity or waiting for something (be that a person or while in a queue).

I lost the ability to just sit down in a quiet corner (except maybe if I was hanging out in a beach, but then again that's also in a new place, right? Not sitting in my bedroom at home, whiling away the weekend hours with a book), and I've also lost the drive to go to a bookstore and pick out something new to read.

Ok, maybe the last part was a bit of a lie. I found myself in National Bookstore quite a few times this month as there is an ongoing 20% off summer sale and I couldn't resist getting some titles that I have already devoured: most of them wishlist books that I would have tried to wait for to come out in BookSale. But still, these are the books that are just tiding me over after work. Just something to do, not a real hobby or anything of that sort.

How can I get the reading mojo back? Or is it just a complete change that came over me? Maybe you only need to have one hobby at a time: books have finally been put on a back seat as travel now takes precedence, perhaps?

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  1. I'm kind of the same way- I read a lot more on the days that I work or if I'm out and about than I do at home. I recently gave up on a lot of television in order to change that, and it worked until I discovered and became obsessed with Downton Abbey... The Spring Into Horror Readathon (ending today) really changed how I read this week, as I made more time to read and less time to do other things (except Zumba!). So, you've still got your Reading Mojo, it's just working a bit differently than before.

  2. Ruby E says:

    Hiya Kate :) Thanks for visiting!
    Hmm... you're right, it is working differently now! If I haven't been too engrossed with travelling and with telly then maybe I could still have it back. haha.

    I try to still read whenever I can though, it's just that I'm slower than before! But at least I didn't stop :)

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