Saturday, September 14, 2013

Anything you can do, i can do better...

So I woke up this morning because I had a dream about you.
The funny thing was I rarely dream vividly, like I really remember what I dreamt about.
I wouldn't go into the details here but really, it was odd. I mean why you?
Course you had some impact on my life and at some point in time was a huge part of it, not anymore!

But seriously, instead of feeling sad or thinking I'm upset or wrecked, I had a thought: channeling my efforts somewhere else.

And so I did.

I don't want to post this on Facebook where you might never read it (of course you can't. I am nonexistent for you in FB now, whether you like it or not) so I will post this out in the world for you to see.

I am learning better skills to make me a better traveller. And that will form part of being me. I am doing what I can to travel more but spend less. Oh wait, I am already doing that. But I can be better.

You should know that I am NOT stupid. I know I am not. The way you treated me was unjustifiable.

I'm getting back by this.. and letting the whole world know (if anyone might have happened to chance upon this) how I rose up from this.

South America and Europe, watch out for me.
The Carribean? Yes, I will get there too.
Australia, New Zealand, remote Pacific Islands, hell yes.

And the best part of it is I aim to do all this without struggling as much with money as you!

I'm smart with my time and my money and of learning new things. Just in case you don't know.


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