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It's 2015 already and wow, time quickly flies! First off, I just want to welcome you guys who happened to stumble upon my humble website - if you have the time, please comment below where you happened to find my site from (either from Million Mile Secrets, Two Monkeys Travel, or just plain Google)

This year, I plan to post more content on my sort of neglected blog, and focus more on travel and books (and a bit of beauty on the side, maybe) - and with this, let me put a few changes to the blog starting this year:

1) I have a new writer on the block - Yay! It's not just me blabbering on about my adventures because well, for the past (nearly) 15 months, I have been traveling with an amazing amazing guy named Peter. And yes, for anyone wondering, he is my boyfriend - nepotism at its finest. He'll help out with some of the trip reviews around here (because I am lazy like that). I met him at work and we've been together for quite some time now. That's him on the left, and we're posing with our World Cup Tickets on the day that we arrived in Rio (and watching that same match in the afternoon - cos you know, we're crazy like that).

2) I'm focusing more on weekend travels - Me and Peter work full time so we only have a few days per year to travel for long stretches. Read our Weekend Warrior Series to get a full breakdown of what we've been up to during the weekend & how much we've spent.

3) We're very much into travel hacking- Want to find out how me and Peter can travel a lot, ride in legacy carriers like AA, British Airways, United & the like without paying much for airfare and hotels? Read our 2015 Travel for Cheap List and that will detail where we're going, how much we're paying out of pocket, and how many points we used up.
I'm going to try to post a brief how-to on travel hacking, in case you were interested... oh, and how to get a Schengen visa.

4) We've started quests - After reading Chris Guillebeau's "The Happiness of Pursuit", Peter and I started on a few quests. Notably: go to all the 50 States of the US.I'm not sure how many Filipinos & Slovaks (Peter is a Slovak turned American) have done it, but we'll try!

I'm trying to do other bits and bobs on the site too so welcome and I really appreciate you taking the time to visit my site :)

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  1. djones says:

    Hi Ruby,
    I saw your story on Million Mile Secrets. Cudos to you and your travel ambitions. I have just started to get serious about accumulating mileage and reward points. I don't know why I wasn't before. I guess I thought it was more work that I was willing to put into it. Well never too late. Keep up your love for travel and for sharing your experiences. I will definitely be checking your blog to see what you're up to. Travel on....

  2. Hi djones!

    Thanks for commenting - put every purchase in your card, it definitely helps accumulate the points & miles. There is definitely a lot of work done in the hobby but it pays off in the end if you save a lot of $$$

    I'm in the finishing touches of how I managed to travel for free, should be up on the blog soon.

    Thanks for visiting !


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