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The Bride's Guide to Wedding Photography The Bride's Guide to Wedding Photography by Steve Sint
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Finally finished this book as I was researching and trying to learn more about things I need for my wedding day. I was actually shocked at how much wedding photographers cost - if I wanted someone really good, it will eat up more than half of the original budget I intended, so I thought of staying away from having a professional and just let my friends do the photos. Yes, regardless if people say that I will want to look back at it and I'm paying someone for the creative styling, it just doesn't make sense to spend that much money for just one day.

Yes I know it's also once in a lifetime, but hey, my money can last me longer than that one day if I saved it and invested it, right?

Back to the book - it is dated, it was still talking about film, and really - who uses film nowadays (except maybe for Instax or Polaroid) - and with the new day & age of everyone having smartphone cameras with huge megapixels and HDR, then again, what is the point of having professional photography right?

Instead of the book trying to sell me a photographer, it actually said an option I liked, to skip it all together!

So, would I recommend this book? Probably not - because it's not really that useful in this day and age right now, plus you can see excellent photos from magazines instead.

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