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Me Before You Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
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Wow - just, wow.

I'm not a fan of romance books but this is definitely something that was interesting. So, most people have probably seen the movie trailer (or the movie) by now, so it isn't really a spoiler anymore.

The book is the tale of Louisa & Will, Louisa being a woman who feels content living in her small town in England, while Will lived his life to the fullest - a traveler, a lover, an adventure seeking man who actually loves his job and knows what he wants... that is, until a freak accident ended up with him paralyzed and in a wheelchair.

Louisa then gets hired as his caregiver and the rest is history.

I love the chemistry of the characters: from people who would never even think about mingling with each other, to eventually becoming friends and maybe more. To the both of them teaching something to the other without even knowing it- Will teaching Louisa how to be more adventurous and giving her the gift of choice, which she didn't even think she had. To Will making Louisa think that there is more to life than the four walls that she had confined herself to. To making Louisa think that her past is definitely not something that would define her.

To Louisa teaching Will that there is hope and love in the world even in the most desolate and unfortunate situation you can be in. To patience and learning. To loving and living.

And well, I love this book because of the travel aspect, because well, travel is my life. And reading is a good second to it.

I was lucky enough to borrow it from the local library (twice)- which now has a 100+ person queue in order to borrow it - so good luck if you want to save a few dollars and not buy the book from the store.

It's definitely a great book.

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