Posted by : Ruby Escalona Sunday, November 20, 2016

Archie: Rockin' the World Archie: Rockin' the World by Dan Parent
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nostaligia to the max! Grew up reading Archie comics and I picked up a Betty and Veronica graphic novel and Archie with Josie (or something of that sort) a few months from the library. Was browsing the graphic novels section again and saw this.
This book is basically a story about the Archies, Pussycats, and two other bands going around different countries (India, Australia, Canada, among others) to perform for various venues to adoring fans around the world.

There is a love twist (in typical Archie fashion, of course), and this book must be read before you do read the Archie and Josie output. Because, well, it adds more dynamic to other graphic novel as a whole.

Would I buy this from a store? Probably not - it has a tag price of $10, but it is quite short for the price. While there are additional stories in the end, mostly older ones about the Glads, and the Pussycats and how they started, it certainly does not give me liberty to open my purse strings. Pick it up from the library if you can!

Of course, my review is quite high because, well, Archie comics... and nostalgia. And anything Archie Comics is quite good in my opinion!

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