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Since my friends have all been posting their 2008 round-ups, might as well post one too.

Let's see... I shall do it by month.

January 2008 -- I really had this strong feeling that 08 is going to be lucky. I can feel it in my bones. And yes, it was lucky indeed :)

February 2008 -- Seeing Ne-Yo in Shangri-La. Super funny. I was craving for a Wendy's frosty and there he was, in line, in front of us! Syempre we asked for autographs, but what are the chances? Lol.

March 2008 -- Maroon 5 in Manila -- And oh yes. I got a chance to meet them too. I'm sooooo infatuated with Jesse Carmichael, oh yes, oh yes. I had my photo taken with him but its a bit blurry. But who the hell cares? I still had my photo taken with him!

Colbie Caillat in Manila I got a chance to meet her too, thanks to Tet's Ayala Card. teehee! :) She's awesome.

Mandy Moore in Manila I got a chance to meet her and see her in concert IN THE FRONT ROW! Oh my gosh. She's been my fave female singer ever since I was younger and I was soooo gutted when I didn't get to see her concert at Araneta in 2004. But oh well. That all changed now :)

Special mention: Incubus in Manila. I never really liked the band that much but I went to the concert to see how they were good live. I liked some of their songs anyway.

It was also on this month that I found out I'm flying to London in a couple of weeks for training. Waaaah Yay! :)

April 2008 Was supposed to go to Pagudpod, but had to cancel my trip because the London trip was scheduled for April 12th. But the London trip got delayed till May. Oh well.

May 2008 The Click Five in Manila!
Just when I thought that I wouldn't be able to watch this concert, I got to! My flight for London was scheduled for May 31st, the concert was on May 30th. Teehee. Lucky no? Well..... part of it was because I had rescheduled my flight hahaha. Instead of leaving on the 30th I had it moved to the 31st instead.
I didn't get to meet Click this time around, but hey, the payoff was good anyway... I got to book tickets to MY ULTIMATE FAVE BAND two days before the Click concert... You'll find more of that in the next month ;)

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