Posted by : Ruby Escalona Sunday, April 19, 2009

One of my favourite things to do whilst on leave from work is to go out and just have adventures within Manila or outside Manila.

Last April 13th, since I was bored at home, I went to Quiapo and Divisoria with Yam, my friend.
Instead of the normal route we usually take, this time, we decided to take the ferry.
I first read about the Pasig River Ferry at a book club in Shelfari and immediately decided to try it for the sake of trying everything once :)

We met at Guadalupe, the ferry station is within 5 minutes walk from the MRT station, and it has strict times on when the ferry will arrive. We arrived at around 9:15, and the next ferry would be at 10am.

We decided to go to McDonalds first and eat breakfast then headed for the ferry after.

When we went back to the station, we paid P35 for the fare from Guadalupe to Quiapo. And who did we bump into at the station? None other than Iya Villania and Chesca Garcia -- they are doing a shoot for Us Girls Lol.

The ferry station is very clean, nothing like I first expected. Only downside? No airconditioning, so bring a fan if you need to wait for a ferry longer.


The ferry arrived at around 10:10 and I was surprised it was airconditioned! :) We passed through several churches on the banks, Malacanang Palace [we're not allowed to take photos because of security reasons. boo] and we also saw other ferries. Some of the ferry stations are nice, but when we reached the Quiapo station, I was disappointed. It was just a dingy piece of plank that was a makeshift stop! It didn't look like a ferry station after all.

Overall, I throughly enjoyed the ride! I can't wait to ride again, although a bit of a suggestion would be to renovate the Quiapo station. Seriously.

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