Posted by : Ruby Escalona Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's been a while since I've posted something [i've just been plain busy with work and my other interests] so I thought this would be as good a time as ever to share one of the many shelves I have which house my TBR books:


This is a shelf in my mum's room... the top shelf belongs to me, whilst the bottom belongs to my mum. I have amassed a huge amount of books that I had to invade my parents bedroom bookshelf! I have books in my room and also in the basement, which I plan to convert to a lounge area for me pretty soon :)

Currently the books in the TBR list are:
- The Virgin's Lover [Philippa Gregory] --> bought this on sale in National Book Store
- My Defence [Ashley Cole] --> I've been looking for this book forever! However, I saw it in Book Sale and I immediately had to have it. I already read the chapters I needed, but I haven't read the full book yet.
- The Rule of Four --> another book sale find by Yam :)
- Burning Bright [Tracy Chevalier] --> another find from National Bookstore's bargain bin
- Westlife: Our Story --> I bought this book whilst in England and read a few chapters there. I haven't read the whole book though.
- That Extra Half an Inch [Victoria Beckham] --> I've read most of the book but I skip chapters here and there, depending on my mood
- Jane Austen Book Club --> From Buy-The-book. I was interested in this book because the movie starred Hugh Dancy. Lol. What a stupid way to buy a book :P
- The Fourth Bear [Jasper Fforde] --> A National Book Store find. I bought it mainly because of the rave reviews in Shelfari :)
- The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency [Alexander McCall Smith] --> another book with good reviews in Shelfari. I mooched this from Triccie.
- The Duchess --> adding to my obsession with historical fiction
- Twilight: The Directors Notebook --> currently reading this now :)
- Coleen --> Autobiography of Coleen McLoughlin. Got this from England too.
- Wayne Rooney --> Autobiography of Wayne Rooney. Got this from England too.
- The Fool's Tale ---> Got this from bookmooch
- Queen's Handmaiden --> another book sale find!
- Eragon [Christopher Paolini] --> another bookmooch find
- The WAG's Diary --> got this book for free when I bought a magazine in England.

Anyway, I'm also trying to look at the list of 1001 books you should read before you die. I plan on joining the 1% well-read challenge, hopefully I could add to the list.

Wish me luck :)

By the way, I meant to join the 24-hr reading marathon but the telly and the stack of dvds I need to watch are a much bigger temptation not to read :)

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