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Book#6 for the year is "Beware, Princess Elizabeth" by Carolyn Meyer. It is a historical fiction novel aimed for young adults that chronicles the life of Elizabeth Tudor from her father's death to her eventual crowning as Queen.

It was the 16th century, England, and surrounded by controversy and much religious inquisitions & beheadings, Elizabeth found herself in the midst of controversy ever since her father, Henry VIII's death. Her brother, Edward, was being run by his uncle, and only beckons to see her during Yuletide, her half-sister Mary, does not speak to her, and Elizabeth believes that Mary hates her. Her childhood friend, Robin Dudley, suddenly gets bethrothed to Amy, as a political and monetary move by both families.

Her only companion was Kat Ashley, her governess, and together, they weave through controversies, imprisonment, fearing for her death, whilst playing a very political game as she waits for her eventual turn to be the Queen of England.

Very interesting novel for me. I have always been intrigued by historical fiction, and totally adore the Kings and Queens and deep history of England. I have never been quite so entertained.
The novel was told in the first person point of view, which makes you believe that you are in the 16th century, imagining that you are one of the people in the court and what it must have looked like and felt like, living in that day & age.

I personally have been to some of the sites that were noted in the book -- The Tower of London & Westminster Abbey, and the size of those buildings are absolutely amazing. Besides, I got to see Elizabeth I and Mary's tomb in Westminster Abbey. Such a shame I only got to research more about these incredible people after I've been to their tombs, I appreciated them after I've seen them. Oh well.

Great book for those who love everything about England and historical fiction. Definitely a must-read.

Bought this copy from booksale for P70. Money well spent :)

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