Posted by : Ruby Escalona Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am a wee bit bored and tired from last night so I might as well lighten things up with a blog post to release some of the stress and tension from my little brain lol.

So, last Wednesday, my friend and I saw (500) Days of Summer in the cinema. It was shown a few months ago in the US and some other countries and I have no clue why it took so long to show it here in Manila.

It stars Joseph Gordon Levitt (I loooooved him in 3rd Rock from the Sun. It's one of the best telly shows in the 90s IMO) and Zooey Deschanel (who I think looks like Katy Perry and she turns out to be Emily Deschanel's little sister!)

Anyway, on to the story. It;s a story about Tom, and how he chronicles 500 days of knowing, dating, and getting over Summer, a girl whom he thinks is "The One" for him.

It's a typical chick flick, although presented in such a non-linear way [ie first scene may show day one, then the next would show day 100+ ] throughout the movie. I also loved that there were some scenes show in parallel -- ie the scene of what really happened & in half the screen, shows what Tom had pictured the scene to happen in his mind.

Anyway, unlike typical chick flicks, the story did not really have that happy happy ending where the hero and heroine would get back together and live happily ever after. No, no. It just goes to show that the movie is [un]predictable in some aspects and makes you wonder what surprises the next scene would bring.

I think it's like an independent movie, but maybe it was just presented that way? I honestly have no idea.

So, would I recommend watching this movie? Yes! Definitely. But it's not something you'd watch over and over and over again, unless you're a superfan of Zooey or Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

On other movie news --- I've just seen a rerun of Notting Hill on the HBO a few days back and I bawled.
That, on the other hand, is my favourite movie of all time. Hands down.

On bookish news -- I'm nearly finished with Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer [yay!] and halfway through Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone. I hope to put up the reviews on it very, very soon. I've done much reading on these two during the readathon.

On other books? Well, I'm currently juggling reading 7 books at one time, so forgive me for the lack of bookish updates.

Which reminds me that I have a backlog of travel posts as well.


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  1. Nina says:

    I can't wait to watch this! We're just going to wait for the "DVD" release, if you catch my drift!

  2. I've been hearing such great things about this. I'll have to look for it when it comes out on Netflix.

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