Posted by : Ruby Escalona Friday, October 30, 2009

Being the loser that I am, I did not catch on the Twilight bandwagon early and instead decided to take my own pace as I try and read all the books in the Twilight Saga.

I've already reviewed New Moon in this blog, but I was at a loss to review the first book, Twilight.

Anyway, in the third installment of the series, it chronicles Bella as she tries to choose between Jacob and Edward on who should own her heart.

The first part of the tale also covers a back story on Edward, Jasper, and Rosalie, which was most interesting, and definitely worth pondering upon.

The latter part, ugh, it was one of the most excruciating reads of my life. It dragged on and on and on. I didn't want to know the full details of how Edward and Jacob were playing mind games just to win over Bella. Nor did I need to know how selfish Bella was when she was asking Edward to stay by her side.
Nor was I amused about how Bella started using "Please?" to get whatever she wanted from Edward.
Ugh. Pathetic.

To be honest the writing was definitely not something to be also amused about. I feel a fifth grader could write better plot lines and story twists than this.

Well, there was a bit of action in the book, maybe centered in one chapter. But most of it was "missed out" because the bulk of the action was handled by Edward's family & the wolf pack at some other clearing. It was narrated briefly through Edward's communication with the wolf pack through *gasp* his mind-reading skill.

I sure hope the movie is better than the book though. For one, it should feature more action sequences and definitely should focus on the vamps and werewolves more. Bella is just plain boring for me. It's really painful to read through her point of view as it contains nothing but Edward, Edward and Edward.

Seriously, can a girl ever be that pathetic? To only just want to be the damsel in distress all the freaking time?
Is one ever that accident prone and has the worst luck in the world? Gah.

I am seriously not amused with this book.

Nevertheless, I will continue to read on the fourth book in the series, "Breaking Dawn." I do hope it will be so much more interesting than this third installment.

I would give this book a 2/5 rating. I'd read better books but this one has its ups as well.

Sometimes I wonder why I even bought this book in the first place. Is it about the hype that surrounded it? Perhaps so. Or maybe it was because of the vamps and werewolves. It cost me P260 pesos from National Bookstore [I got it at a 20% discount]

So far, my personal ranking of the Twilight Books are as follows

1) New Moon -- because there was a character development in Jacob, and the tale was quite amusing [the Volturi part in Italy, Jacob's transformation & love, good, good].
2) Eclipse -- just because of all the back stories
3) Twilight -- the first book is the worst of all. I can't even bring myself to blog about it because it bored me half to death. I had to stop for a few months and go back to it because I just couldn't stand not finishing a book.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Nina says:

    I can't stand the Twilight series.
    I think the teens obsessed with this are just in love with Edward in Robert Pattinson's image.

    You have officially professed your hate for Bella! :)

  2. Lenore says:

    I haven't read these either, if you can believe it. Even my STEPMOTHER has read them. At this point, I may be the only one who hasn't lol!

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