Posted by : Ruby Escalona Monday, December 21, 2009

For those of you who read my blog before or know me personally, it is no secret that I LOVE boybands. One of my top two favourite bands is Take That! [I said top two because they're tied with Boyzone!]

Anyhow, since the DVD is not currently available in my country here in the far east, I downloaded a copy of this before I get a physical copy. [although I've no idea when I'll get my physical copy of this]

Let me just rate it outright: it deserves a 10 out of 5. Yes. It's that good! It's double than what I had expected!

Let me warn you first..... the below contains SPOILERS!

The theatrical quality of their show brought me to tears in the first part, the circus performers, the wonderful costumes of all the performers [and the boys], the elephant during "The Garden" [my favourite part so far], the rain effects during "Back For Good", the fireworks at the end, the band performing their songs whilst playing instruments during "Up All Night", "Wooden Boat", "How Did It Come to This", the guys in unicycles, painting their faces like mimes during "What Is Love", them singing my second favourite song "Said It All" [although a bit disappointed they didn't sing my ultimate fave TT song, "Reach Out". Another favourite part? "Hello!" Cute cute cute song! And also for "Hold Up A Light"

If you're a fan of the band [like me!], you must definitely get a copy of this DVD!! I was soooo gutted I wasn't able to see them live during this performance [and well, EVER], but with this DVD as well as the previous ones [Beautiful World Live and the Ultimate Tour], I'm able to catch a glimpse of how the band treats their shows. Go buy it and then watch it! :)

Okay, I'm sounding like a complete fangirl in here but I am a fangirl! Lol.

Buy the DVD and CD here:

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