Posted by : Ruby Escalona Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Whilst I was surfing Wikipedia looking for anything Inception-related [read: actors, plotlines, related movies], I saw an article about Joseph-Gordon Levitt and how he is a Francophile - a person with a strong positive disposition to France. Anything about France, its culture, history, the people.

Hmm... which got me thinking. For followers of my blog, I dunno if there are any, you probably notice that I tend to write in British spelling, rave about anything British [especially the bands], and loooooove London so much that I'd want to go back and maybe live there in the future. And yes, even the World War II stuff, I find myself rooting for the Brits [the Allied troops] instead of the Americans, who liberated us. Teehee. Colonial mentality, call it, but I still love Britannia!

Turns out, there is such a cultural appreciation term for me! It's called Anglophile!! A certain love for anything England. Woot Woot. This started when I was in 6th grade, I think, waaay back in 1997, when I discovered my favourite band of all time and got absolutely obsessed about London.

Don't get me wrong, I was born here in this island country in Asia called the Philippines, but there was something absolutely different about me. I was brought up in a Western sort of way, with relatives from America, and also well, the blood of my Spanish ancestors also run in my blood. I think.

Anyway.......... enough of the Anglophile talk. I just wanted to say I am an anglophile. teehee.

On other news, I've just seen Inception last Sunday and all I can say is WOW. One of the best movies I've ever seen so far. The plotline is absolutely complex, it's hard for me to think how Christopher Nolan wrote the screenplay for it. It was excellently done too. And Leo.. oh Leo. Why is he so freaking hot??

With the girl from Juno + Joseph Gordon-Levitt [I'll always associate him with 500 days of Summer & the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun - one of the best tv shows of all time], the ensemble cast is great!

And... Cillan Murphy.... he's Irish, you know? Adds all the more to his charm! teehee. I think I've seen him before in a British-produced movie but I'm racking my brains where and I'm too lazy to check on IMDB or wikipedia. teeehee.

Back to regular programming now - I'm back at work, and my commute to and from work is taking forever!!! I've packed my book light with me so I could work on some notes and maybe read a little while on the way home. The traffic going home [I live in the south of the metro] is absolutely unexpected - sometimes the commute takes less than 40 minutes, sometimes it takes more than an hour in the expressway. I love my Energizer book lamp. I got it for free from my Citibank credit card rewards points too =) Retail price is around P400+!

I'm still finalizing the itinerary for the Macau/HK trip that I plan to put up here sometime soon. Woo!

And yes, the blog has just officially gone from a book blog to my personal blog. AGAIN.

Blame the laziness in me to maintain 3 separate blogs.

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    - Daniel

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