Posted by : Ruby Escalona Monday, July 19, 2010

Good day everyone!

I've been out for a week whilst I'd been touring Hong Kong and Macau. It's a yearly event of mine now - to take a holiday off work and life and just see the world. It's my third time in HK and my first in Macau. Trip has been very successful and I've uploaded my photos in my facebook account. I dunno if I'll write a blog about this trip sometime soon but maybe when I'm bored and I have a lot of time in my hands you'll see it here too :)

I just read the most amazing news today: Take That are reuniting as a five-piece! Ayeeee! *squeals* I love, love, love, love Take That. Actually my love for this boyband had been rekindled when I was in London back in 2008. I hoarded their DVDs and CDs and now... Robbie Williams is bacck! They're a five-piece again. *flails*

I wish I could go back to London or some country where they'll perform in just to watch their concert!!!

Puts TT and BZ concerts back in priority.

Anyway..... I've been to Powerbooks Alabang Town Center yesterday and tried my best not to walk out with anything! Hah. Good thing TT and BZ and travel are on my mind so I came out with nothing.

But the sale is from July 15-August 15, 2010 anyway... sooo.. more time to go back when I've changed my mind.

Then there's the Fully Booked Sale, the National Bookstore Sale, and the Manila International Book Fair. 

Plus travel. Must always remember to travel.

Okay, enough rants now, I'm going back to my regular routine [work, read, watch stuff] in hopes of traveling again.

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