Posted by : Ruby Escalona Sunday, September 19, 2010

Harry Potter numero cinco! Even if the world has read the books, i'm slowly but surely catching up. Hah. I realiZe that I havrn't been reading all that much lately and it took me forever to finish this book. After all, this is the longest book i've ever managed to read. All 870 pages of it. World record! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Anyway, enough of the introduction, lets move on to a brief sypnosis of the book. Please note this review will have spoilers! So, its harry's fifth year and he has been mysteriously attacked by a dementor. He nearly gets kicked out of school but he also learns that Dumbledore has a group dedicated to gather intelligence to eventually defeat Voldemort. Exciting. Problem is, nobody wants to believe harry or dumbledore when they say Lord Voldy is back. Huh. There's also a new defense against the dark arts teacher who works under Fudge, who wants to take over the school from Dumbledore. And.. as you all know, someone will die in this book.

Thoughts: Such a thick, thick book! But.... it's full of action, drama, and angst. Harry is by now a teen who's angsty ways could get annoying, but you'll get used to it as he has a bazillion questions and no direct answer is being given to him. This book is so... dark. I guess that's the best way to describe it. Loved the back story, hey, I am a sucker for back stories and would always end up giving plus points to a book that provides a decent back story for their main characters, and of course, the fight scenes and action!

Although I've watched the movie before reading the book, I would say the book is very much different! I love the book more [as with most cases of books vs movies that I've read and watched. What else do I like about this book? Luna Lovegood! She's awesome. Weird, but awesome. I could totally relate to her! [Maybe I'm weird too?]. Loving the new magical creatures and spells. Hah. If only there was an exams on spells I'm sure I could do good on it.

And Hagrid, poor, poor Hagrid. Loving Dumbledore more, and also Tonks!! She's fun!

So, final verdict and closing notes?

Published: 2003

Publisher: Scholastic
Available from: everywhere!
Read it if: You want an action-packed fantasy book or if you just want to dwell on teenage angst or if you just want to continue reading Harry Potter or if you want to compare the movie with the book.
Book was acquired from: Powerbooks.

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