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Meet Bridget Jones. She's 30-something, has a dead-end career, no boyfriend, and seriously thinks she's overweight [although she's not]. We peek into her diary with this book, as she reveals what a day in the life of Bridget Jones is like.

Thoughts: Funny, funny, funny book. I was depressed one day and was in a bit of a book rut. I wanted to read something light that would cheer me up, and I found bridget!

I've read the debut novel of Fielding, Cause Celeb, and managed to watch the Bridget Jones's movie, but the book is a breath of fresh air. Whilst the movie portrayed Daniel as a jerk, in the book, he was a bit tamer, and there was no fight scene as per the movie! Hah! I really thought that was true.

Anyhow, what fascinated me about this book is about how Bridget seems so normal and ordinary, like me and you, really, and I totally can relate to her. From her feelings about not having a boyfriend, her parents trying to set her up with someone whom she doesn't even like [at first], and her struggle with her self-esteem, her weight, and diets! I loved her kooky friends, they are all eccentric and eclectic in their own way. I guess they all brought something to the table within Bridget's story.

A quick, fun, and definitely uplifting read, this book makes you feel like you're reading a past journal you had, or reading a blog or journal of one of your closest friends. You feel that every entry is from the heart, and however embarassing, sad, or funny each entry was, it's a part of her life.

Oh yes, I am part Bridget Jones and I'm happy to have read this book. I can't wait to read the sequel, the Edge of Reason!

Published: 1996

Publisher: Picador
Available from: Everywhere!
Read it if: You're feeling down and want a little pick me up. And of course, some light reading done too.
Book was acquired from: Bought from a bookstore.
Rating: LOVES

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