Posted by : Ruby Escalona Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last August 21st, I had a scheduled trip to Boracay via Kalibo. It was my first time to go to Boracay [yeah, what a loser], and my first time to fly via Philippine Airlines.

Now, don't go on hating me, I have traveled to other places but I've used other airline carriers [Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and Cebu Pacific], never PAL. Why? Well, I got used to the budget lifestyle, and the older trips were booked by my mum so I never had a say which airline to take. Anyway, my first time to fly PAL happened when they had a sale going to domestic destinations last February.My friends and I jumped at the chance since it means roundtrip plane tickets to Kalibo would cost P1800. Not bad considering that I'm flying by PAL [which is quite expensive, in my opinion].

On to the reasons why I would love to fly PAL, should the budget permits ;)

1. They've got more choices and better flight times for international flights.
 - Think of it this way, if you chose Cebu Pacific going to Taiwan, chances are you're gonna get a late night flight. Arriving in Taipei in the evening certainly isn't the best option since yo'ure going to have to splurget at the hotel. on to the hotel and an extra night at the hotel.

2. More comfortable seats
- PAL has the most comfortable seats, ever!!! Well, nothing compared to the business class seats of Emirates, of course, but hey, for economy class tickets compared to the budget carriers, I am indeed comfortable. I'm not saying that PAL is a budget carrier [oh no no no!] but I looooooove their seats.

3. Snacks and free water/tea/coffee on the plane.
-Without paying for a hefty price! ha ha ha. Drink all the tea or coffee or water that you can!

4. Bigger planes.
- Loving the 747s of PAL [not that I ever rode in them yet, of course]

5. Mabuhay Miles.
- Free flights once you accumulate a certain number of miles, isn't that great???

6. Customer Service is a plus.
 - When PAL cancelled their flights from HK during typhoon Basyang, they immediately booked all the people in a comfy hotel!! Jeez, whilst I was stuck in an airport in Cebu for a harrowing 10 hours, and experieced the worst turbulence ever whilst the pilot tried to land the plane in MNL [still, kudos to the pilot for trying to land us safely in MNL though, can totally understand why you had to divert us to Cebu]. But grrr!! The least CebuPac could have done was provide us lots of food at the airport terminal. The foreigners I was chatting with were very disappointed [they were Brit nationals, mind you -- hmm... I often find myself chatting randomly to Brit or Aussie locals when I'm traveling], they actually missed their connecting flight to Coron the next day! *sigh* Not sure if they would still come back to MNL or the PH in general. Anyhooo, again, budget vs higher fare airlines. I got what I paid for. Oh well, not that I am complaining much anyway.

7. More international destinations.
- Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Los Angeles, Honolulu, and so much more. Well, although they are a bit far out and require more moolah to travel to, they are in my must-travel list. [Hmm actually every major city in the world is probably in my must-travel list! ha ha. And that includes trying to explore all the historic cities of the UK and Italy. Good luck to me... and my dreams.. and my budget].

And so the list goes. I can't really think of anything more right now. Hmmm.. gotta work to earn more and travel more. Toodles!

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