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When anonymous blogger St-R-Sd writes an entry wishing that popular girl Lucy Cunningham would disappear, his/her dream came true. A few posts later, St-R-Sd blogs about the disappearance of two fellow students. Enter Madison Archer, one of Lucy's close friends who seeks to find out what had happened to the missing persons. She seeks the help of outcast Tyler, and tries to find out where her friends are before Madison eventually ends up in St-R-Sd's blog and disappears too.

Thoughts - The way the book was narrated and presented to the readers is awesome. With a mixture of blogs, comments to the blog, notes, and the narration of Madison, its certainly a new twist to me. Though the writer is male, he had presented the point of view of a female very accurately, in fact, I had to look at the back cover of the book to ensure that the author is indeed male and not a female since I throughly believed the female narration and what goes on in the mind of the girl, esp when they're attracted to someone.

The mystery component is presented with lots of red herrings. It drove me crazy that around 100 pages into the book, I snuck a peek at the last few pages of the book to see who the perpetuator was. I spoiled myself in the process and though this is not often the case, I was utterly disappointed that I did not get to figure out who the killer was by myself. Awww.. But anyway, just look at the clues presented in the book and I'm sure you'll come up with the killer too!

The characters were stereotypical to be honest - they are the rich, young kids who are living in private school and its set in a typical YA manner - a high school. It's all right though, as Tyler offered a breath of fresh air as well as Sharon and Laurie. Not many books delve in the topic of homosexuality too.

There is a second book out, called "Blood in Her Hands." Did I say this book was the first of a trilogy? If not, well, it is! As I checked out the blurb of the second book from Amazon, I think it's not related to the first book per se - ie, the characters are the same, but nevertheless, it does look interesting too! Although the series did not get as much buzz as I thought it would be, it's a nice read for Halloween as its a thriller and a whodunit type of thing!

So, on to the final summary of the review!

Published: 2009

Publisher: Egmont
Available from: Everywhere!
Read it if: you want to read a whodunit book, or want a thriller of a book that's of a young adult reading level
Book was: provided by A.S King as part of Lenore's International Book Blogging Mentoring Program
Rating: Likes [4/5]

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  1. Cherry says:

    I came from Saturday Situation hosted by Lori at Pure Imagination and Candace at Candace's Book Blog.

    Although I am not a thriller reader, you made this book sound interesting to me... thank you for sharing your views!

    Cherry Mischievous

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hope to see same more information in futere.

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