Posted by : Ruby Escalona Thursday, December 16, 2010

This morning, I was searching through and saw that my well-wished for book is still available on stock.

After watching their youtube video performance of Never Forget with Robbie at Children in Need, I went out of my mind and pondered if I would really, really, really want to get a copy of this book.

And I did, BUT after I consulted a few websites.

Checked and the book is out of stock, checked and its also out of stock - is also out of stock. Oh.My.Gosh. I definitely, definitely should get this book now!!!

And then I filled myself with thoughts and explanations on why I would get the book:
1. It's sold out in all the UK websites I'm expecting it to- I need this book NOW!
2. It's a collectors item
3. It's a book about one of my favourite bands, enough said!
4. Maybe one day I'll get the band members to sign the book when I stalk them somewhere
5. It's a book.
Aaaahh.. .So now the debate continues if I'll get the other book [as photographed on the side]

But somehow it's not as good as the Take Two book, given that the photographs here are not as recent....

BUT.... these are photos with Robbie! Aaaahh..


And no, I did not think of the price. The Take Two book is much too bloody expensive for me, and is enough to buy me two hardbound books here in Manila. But all the logic went out the window already!

Have you guys ever experienced the same way that I felt? Trying to justify your purchase even though it's way out of your budget??

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