Posted by : Ruby Escalona Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Since I am absolutely tired and cranky most of the time this month, I decided to do a little personal post about the inconveniences of travel. Don't get me wrong, I adore traveling the world: seenig new places, and enriching my knowledge, but there's just some annnoying factors about travel.

Everyday, I travel around 30km from my house in the suburbs to my office. A few years ago, when I first started going to university and traveling the same distance, it used to take me only an hour and a half and I'm home! Well, that was when I used to come home in the afternoon and if there was traffic, there's always the sun to help me out while I read some notes or a book as part of my homework or just to relax myself. Fast forward to now and I am averaging nearly 2hours just to get to work! And so it takes me 4 freaking hours daily just to get to and from work. Why? Because of the traffic, that's why! Gah. In my daily travel, I can go to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur by plane! On a weekly basis, I can go one-way to Europe or to the US West Coast!

*Sigh* Living in a third world country where the traffic is horrible and the transportation system is unreliable sure is annoying and frustrating but I can't really do much about it since duh, I do live here.

So, what do I normally do to make the most out of that time I've spent stuck in traffic?
If it's the morning or afternoon [whatever, as long as the sun is still out], I read. It's an excellent way to make some more book reviews to feature on this site, and well, it provides me with additional information too on where I could go travel next, or just get factoids of stuff.

In the evening, I listen to audiobooks. It's just like reading a book only someone reads the book for you.

Other things you could do whilst stuck in traffic:
1. Sleep. Not highly recommended if you've got a really expensive gadget in your bag or you've got something to lose. Just exercise sleeping in a public utility vehicle with caution.
2. Read. It's worth it. See my reasons above why.
3. Write. Sometimes, I write stuff on my journal or make lists of things I need to do. It is definitely a time saver.
4. Watch. Entertain yourself by watching downloaded shows or even tv on your mobile, iPod or other gadget. I wouldn't do this whilst living in a third world country as you may be mugged. Do this with caution!
5. Meditate. Talk to God, or just think of things you need to do, or just close your eyes and shut off the world for a moment. It's a very relaxing thing to do.
6. Talk to your friends/family. Either by text or by calling them, it sure is an easy way to pass the time.
7. Chat up the person you're sitting with. I'm not necessarily a nice person to strangers, but to each their own.
8. Eat. It's a good time to eat dinner, as long as you don't spill anything on yourself or the person you're sitting next to.

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