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Dan and Amy Cahill's are orphans, and their grandmother just died. When the will was being read, they were faced with a choice that would change their lives: take their 1million dollar inheritance or embark on a search for the 39 clues, which would make them the most powerful people in the world. Dan and Amy took their first clue, burning their voucher for the money and realized that their relatives, whom they never knew existed, are much more interesting and dangerous in the world!

So, this is the first of the 10 book series. This is a great prelude to what might happen in the other 9 books which would take Dan and Amy around the world! The destination in this first book: Philadelphia and on to Paris!

I love the clues and the descriptions of the places. As my friend told me, "It's like Da Vinci Code, but for kids!" And I totally agree with her comment there! It is highly thought of, and yes, I admit that I spent some time thinking of what might happen next to Dan and Amy. It's just a bit hard not to spoil myself by turning the page to the middle and the last part of the book to see if my theories are correct! What's amazing also is that the book has these cards included. You log on to their website, and solve some of the puzzles that Dan and Amy encountered too! Brilliant, right? I think I read from a press release that this was done to entice more young readers to pick up books so I guess this is now the age of interactive book reading! Hmm.. I totally agree. The new generation of kids now have much smaller attention spans compared to when I was younger!

So, I'm not too keen on the death, the blackmail and the threatening each other part to get the clues, but then again, it's all part of their game and what makes the book more interesting. Good enough then. And can I just say that I <3 the title of the book??? I never even expected what it meant until I read the explanation in the book! Gah! How could Amy have solved it and I haven't?? Also, I do adore Dan and Amy - they both have their own specialties to add to the hunt. Dan is a math whiz and obviously can memorize vast amounts of information in a short span of time, whilst Amy is the bookworm and takes care of the history and geography part! Ahhh the perfect tag team!

Would I be reading all 10 books? Yes! Yes! Yes! I already have books 2-6 with me too, all happily borrowed from one of my closest bookish friends! And yes, I am playing the game too - I am in Ekaterina!

Published: 2008
Publisher: Scholastic
Book was: Borrowed from a friend
Read it if: You want an adventure story that's much like the Da Vinci Code [but for the YA market]
Rating: I loved it! [5/5]

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  1. blooey says:

    I'm just missing book 10. And the book of secrets. Waiting to see if I'll get both for Christmas :)

  2. i'm waiting for my friend to lend me book 10 and the book of secrets.
    Aaaah! I'm drafting a review of book 2 now!! :)

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