Posted by : Ruby Escalona Monday, December 6, 2010

'Tis the season to be merry! And just when our office has moved from Ayala to the other side, Ayala Triangle has been "refurbished" in a way. What once was a jungle in the middle of the CBD, it has now become a park for everyone to enjoy.

So, this Yuletide, the Ayala group has launched the Symphony of Parols - a light & sound show every weekday from 6-8pm, where the shows last for 5 minutes, and there are shows every 30 minutes.

So, what can you expect? It is a breathtaking experience - just stand up a few feet away from the center and watch the christmas lights dance in time to the music blasting from speakers surrounding the area. I absolutely loved the show - my friend was able to video the whole thing, and yes, very much worth going to Ayala just to see the lights. I played around with my camera effects a bit, and had  a bit of a photoshoot with my friends! Yes, it's that good!

You can also hang around at the belen in front of Tower One. Aaah... Ayala in the evening is such an excellent place to be in! After you've had your photos with the belen, you could go directly to Rustans and have photos in front of the exquisitely designed windows of the store. It has that Saks Fifth Avenue store window feeling - one that I would absolutely love to see in the future!

When's the best time to come? Well, anytime between 6-7:30 so you could get an excellent view!

After the show, you could also eat at some of the newly opened restaurants there such as Wee Nam Kee and Bon Chon.

Note though - if you plan to eat at Bon Chon, it's going to take forever!! So make sure you're not that hungry yet. And they are a fast food restaurant. So if you can't find a seat, you'll have to do a picnic outside! =p

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