Posted by : Ruby Escalona Thursday, March 10, 2011

This is a personal post, but something to do with why I am not as consistent right now in my reviews.

Okay, it all started a few weeks ago, when there are a LOT of things happening in my career. I won't disclose it yet, but some of my collagues and close personal friends do know bits and pieces about it. Well, everyday is a different rollercoaster of emotion for me. Sometimes I ride high, sometimes low, and of course, like everything in life, nothing is ever certain. I'm still uncertain about stuff, even if all the people who know keep telling me the opposite.

So, on that note, I have to say that my reading and my blogging has taken a huge hit. Whenever I try to read books now, I feel that I can't concentrate, my mind seems to always wander to that particular what if scenario that I am constantly thinking about.

I know it is not in my personality do delve on things. Normally, I just move on. But something about this makes me feel that I can't... I just can't move on. Why can't I just leave this uncertainty and paranoia behind and just take it as it is?? Oh well.

So there, I will still be posting reviews [whenever I can finish reading books quickly enough]. I am trying to create a blog review for the 6th 39 Clues Book that I just finished, and I'm trying to start on the 7th.

Goodbye to my previous goal of more than 5 books per month. It's already the second week of March and I've only finished a book.

Oh, the above and travel keep me busy most of the time. Ha.Ha.

But if all goes well, looks like I'll have to narrow down my TBR to a few books that I would want to read while I'm not in my comfort zone. That is, if I do get a chance to read.

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  1. Reymos says:

    Honestly, I dont have a personal goal in reading but after the launching of the World Book Night last 5th March in the UK, I decided to commit myself to read and release every month - a dozen per year (that's a minimum). It affects my university research work as well but no regrets at all but it is a challenge for us bookreaders to discover more stories and share with others who dont have the financial resources to own one or two. Im glad that you are really dedicated to your passion for books and Im sure that you will be an inspiration to everyone(esp Pinoys).

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