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Princess Mia has now come to terms that she is the princess of Genovia. Just a few weeks after, she has learned that her mother is pregnant, and is going to marry her Algebra teacher! Add to the fact that she is about to be interviewed on tv for the very first time. Oh, to be a princess and have the world on your shoulders.

Thoughts - Well, at least Mia isn't as whiny as the first book. And I think most of her diary entries this time are much funnier! I love some of the lists she writes. Her English Journal also is great! I also love how she deals with her feelings for Michael and her secret admirer - it clearly shows the torment that girls go through thinking if the guy she likes likes her too and tries to assess each and every conversation that they would have - including body language. Aahh, definitely something that I could relate to, even though I'm not in high school [along with Mia's other insecurities as described many times in the book].

The time interval that had passed between the first and the second book has been very minimal - so the story flows very smoothly between the two books. I find the TV interview funny - obviously Mia hasn't been trained very much on dealing with the press!

Nevertheless, this book is quite an enjoyable and quick read - perfect for the hot summer days

Published: 2002
Available From: everywhere
Publisher: HyperTrophy
Book was: borrowed from a friend
Rating: Okay - funny read. [4/5]

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