Posted by : Ruby Escalona Friday, September 30, 2011

Jolly old London town - the place I now call my home :)

I know I havent updated in the past few months- mainly because I didnt get to finish any books yet!! Yes, I know, I'm really slowin reading here but really, I'm having the time of my life!

After work, there's always a billion things to do - watch a play or a musical, go out for drinks or dinner with friends and colleagues, learn how to cook, or just hang around with friends. Then when I do get home, there's household chores to do: ironing, washing clothes, sleeping.. Or just chilling out in front of the telly.

My reading time has now been confined to journeys in the tube, a coach, or the train.

Weekends are spent sightseeing within London or within the UK. Now can yoi guys understand why I have no updates much? Ha ha

back to boring old Manila in 2 weeks. Perhaps i'll have more reviews then - i dont have much to do there anyway :(

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