Posted by : Ruby Escalona Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another non-book related post here, im afraid. I still need to finish 100+ pages of Delirium by Lauren Oliver before I could fully comment but all I could say is: WOW.

Anyway, im writinf this post from a dark hostel room in Belfast that I share with two other mates. I'm awake and ready but call time isn't for another 30 minutes. For some awful reason, I woke up twice! But no need to jump into the details. I'm currently in Belfast, Northern Ireland, enjoying my final weekend out before I get back to Asia.... I really wish I could stay in the UK forever but this run has ended. Boooooooo

Belfast is not as charming a citu as Edinburgh but its history is very much ibteresting. having come out of the Troubles only fairly recently, people are slowly discovering what this city has to offer. From the Europa hotel - which was the most bombed hotrl in Europe - bombed approximately 30+ times by the IRA to the murals that are painted on the sides of the houses that convey peace, political meaning, or just memorials in general. Some of the older structures still remain, such as the city hall and the cathedrals.

What's surprising is the faxt that the city is divided into two: the Catholics and the protestants, and is visibly marked by a wall which has a few gates that allow access. Each night, these gates are closed down by the police and reopened again in the morning.

Head to the Crown Bar to drink a pint (or maybe half) of Guinness and enjoy a night out at the pub with mates.The Irish and British living in this area are very, very nice
people! They are happy enough to point you in the right direction and are very accomodating.

Oh - if you have plans to go here and you're flying in from London, its more xonvenient to fly via Easyjet than Ryanair - just my humble opinion!

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