Posted by : Ruby Escalona Friday, February 3, 2012

Greetings from Cambridge! I went there a few months ago and since I am in a wifi bus, I might as well blog and share some photos and insights from this trip.

Cambridge is around an hour away from London. Managed to get a train and we were there in a jiff! We were a large group so we managed to get a group discount on the train (less cost!)

Our main reason for going to Cambridge? Well, to see the university of course!

Unfortunately for us, when we arrived, it was raining cats and dogs. After hopping on the bus from the train stn to the town centre, it became more clear that the rain would not let up. And so, a stopover at nando's was necessary for lunch.

Still raining so ducked into Sedgwick Museum. It finally let uo a few mins after and managed to walk around the streets taking photos whilst queuing for the punting!

It was definitely a highlight of the day! We got a boat all to ourselves and enjoyed the River Cam while seeing the colleges and dormitories around.

More about the unis on another post!

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