Posted by : Ruby Escalona Sunday, September 1, 2013

Like a wound that has scabed and healed.
It hurt like hell at first when you get wounded
Then you accidentally do something to tear it open again, just when it was healing.
And then you realize that it has now scabbed over, the old, ugly skin, deformed and peeling off, leaving pinkish white skin in the bottom.
It may not be the same as your old skin, but new skin nontheless.
It will eventually be the same colour, and will have the same functions. Over time, you will be the one taking out the scabs yourself, eager to reveal the skin underneath.
And then you realize... wow, im new, im healed.
The reasons why the wound was there was forgotten.
Ready to face the world again.
Its all for the better.
Everything has a reason.
Pick yourself up, you are new, you are healthy, have fun.
Keep discovering, and if you get wounded again, remember its a lesson.
Everything is a lesson.
Its just up to you to learn how to get up after a fall and deal with bruises or scars that was left behind.
Because eventually all those will just be that, left behind, as you move forward.

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