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Belle De Jour: The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl is a real-life memoir of "Belle", a university graduate who could not find a decent job in London so she became a prostitute to earn her keep. Based on the blog of Belle - the book was written in a diary sort of way and does not exactly have a specific plot. Rather, the book revolves around Belle's lovelife, her clients, and some memoirs of her personal life.

I initially found out about this book way back in 2008, I was holding a Belle De Jour planner, and my British boss looked at it and said: "Did you know that Belle de Jour is a prostitute?" Confused, I looked at a colleague [who is Malaysian but happens to live in Britain for some time], who explained: "Belle de Jour is a tv show adapted from a book. You should watch it, it's fun."

And so, I watched the tv series starring Billie Piper and Iddo Goldberg, fell in love with the tv series and decided to get the book. Well, I had to wait two years to get the book because it proved to be quite difficult to find in Manila, until I saw it in Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street. The cheapskate in me did not want to get the book until it was on sale and lo and behold, a few weeks later, they had a 20% off sale and I immediately nabbed it! teehee.

Enough of the story and lets get on with the review. The book is so raunchy, sexy and witty. It is definitely not for the younger folk as it describes some of the acts she does in detail. Belle may be a call girl in profession but her normal life is just like you and me and loves to hang out with her friends, who all happens to be boys, and her ex-lovers. Hmm.. interesting. I love her writing, it is just like a diary or a blog entry. Guilty pleasure material? Yes! Is the tv series like the book? Not really, but entertaining nontheless.
Although the book may sound a bit like erotica on some diary dates, and plain slutty on the other, it provides an entertaining factor nontheless, and Belle shares everything which we do not dare talk about at times. I can't wait to read her other books! Now, if only I could find books 3-4 in the bookstore and go back to get it when there's a sale! =p

Published: 2006
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Available from: Amazon. Pretty much everywhere if you're in the UK. Fully Booked if you're in the Philippines.
Read it if: You want an insight on what a life of a call girl is!
Book was: Bought from Fully Booked.

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