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It's Harry's sixth year and Hogwarts, and the whole wizarding community already knows of Voldemort's return. Soon, Harry, Ron and Hermione and busily checking the Daily Prophet to see if anyone near and dear to them are found dead, they find more about Voldemort, and try to find the way to kill him.

Review: I finished Book 6 after I finished watching the 7th Harry Potter movie and so, I was also in a rush to start reading book 7! I love that this book has a lot of back stories [and I am such a sucker for back stories], and provides more insights on the life of Dumbledore and Voldemort. This year, a lot of deaths and injuries also occured in some of the characters, so it has become darker, but I figure it is definitely needed to continue on in the story, after all, no one does love forever.

I love also that the 6th books intertwine with the 5th and provides a prelude to the 7th book. Often times, as I was speaking to some of my Potterhead friends, I confuse which book a certain scene was from - either the 5th or the 6th because of the organization of JK Rowling. I also love that elements from the previous books have been incorporated in the 6th book- so you do have to read the other volumes of Harry to get their meaning or if you've forgotten that particular aspect, you'll end up flipping through the older volumes. Brilliant, just brilliant.

What I also love about this is the return of Dobby and Kreacher. I am such a sucker for these two characters. I first loved Dobby in the second book and I can't get enough of them. So, after that shock I received after watching the 7th movie [oh dobby, dobby, dobby], I was happy enough to enjoy these house elves.

The book also showed Harry maturing - him falling in love with Ginny [see, there is also a happy element in the Harry books!], and well, I guess everyone has matured a lot. The DA members have been more than loyal to Dumbledore too!

What I don't want. Oh the ending!! Such a sad, sad ending, but life goes on. I also loved that Harry has been more determined than ever to carry on a task that was previously left to him. He has stepped up, definitely, and accepted that he may have been the chosen one to finally end the horrible terror that Lord Voldemort has been spreading in the wizarding world.

Overall, an excellent read. I would definitely read the Harry Potter series again after I've finished the 7th book, in order, and complete, before the 2nd part of the movie about the 7th book is shown in the cinemas! That way, I could also relate to some of my friends as they discuss more trivial parts about the book and comparison with the movie!


Published: 2006
Publisher: Scholastic
Available from: Everywhere!
Read it if: It's Harry Potter! You should read it!
Book was: bought from Fully Booked
Rating: Loves [5/5]

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