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Blurb from Goodreads: Amy and Dan Cahill have been located once again, this time in the company of the notoriously unreliable Alistair Oh. Could they have been foolish enough to make an alliance?

Spies report that Amy and Dan seem to be tracking the life of one of the most powerful fighters the world has ever known. If this fearsome warrior was a Cahill, his secrets are sure to be well-guarded . . . and the price to uncover them just might be lethal.
Alliances and Teamwork are the theme of this book. It is probably the first time where Amy and Dan would ally themselves with not just one, but two of their opponents to try and find out about the 39 Clues. It's cute though, the team dynamics of these people really stand out and makes their characters so much interesting. There may even be a potential love match between two characters. Ooooh. Interesting. This is a more interesting read for me than the second book, which was all about deception and double crossing each other. So not fun. I would prefer my YA reads to be happy, to be honest!

In this book, I found out more about the history of the Cahills, and take the reader to more destinations: Japan and Korea, and a hint to where the next destination will be. But obviously, since all the books are out now, you'll probably know where the next destination for the clue hunt will be.

This is probably the thinnest book in the whole 39 Clues franchise, so it is a quick read. This book is more graphic too. Graphic in the clue sense, of course. There are many pictures and hints that will make you think you're one of them, trying to solve the puzzles to find the clues together. Good thing all 10 books are now out, or else I'll go bonkers waiting for the fourth book to come out. I can't wait to read the next installment!

Published: 2009

Available From: everywhere!
Publisher: Scholastic
Book was: Borrowed from a friend
Rating: Very good! [4/5]

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